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Meet Lanna: New administrative assistant work-study student is happy to join our community

Hi! My name is Lanna Wagner. I was born in Lynchburg, Va., but lived several different places throughout my childhood, including Xenia, Beavercreek and Dayton, Ohio, and Hillsboro, Goessel, and now Hutchinson.

I am doing a work-study here at Sterling Presbyterian Manor. I am working at the front desk as an administrative assistant. I really enjoy everything I have been doing so far here! I love meeting new residents and staff as they walk by the desk.

I am helping Doris with leading the Monday afternoon sing-a-longs as well and absolutely love doing that. I also work as a barista in the Connection Café on the 2nd floor of the United Methodist Church on some Monday nights. I used to think I wanted to go to college somewhere like Stanford University, but when I came on a college visit here a few years ago, I felt like God was calling me to come here. I fell in love with every aspect of Sterling as soon as I came here.

I love the community, and I love that the town is small enough that you feel like one big family but big enough that I am able to meet new people all the time. The campus life and activities are wonderful, and I love that people like to make sure you’re getting involved with others. I did have a setback in coming to Sterling College because of my car accident in March of 2016. I rolled my car and had five different points of concussion. I had to relearn basic functions like brushing my hair and making my bed and had to re-train my brain to read and track the words on the page. Because of my brain injury, I had to wait a year between high school and college.

Now that I’m here, I’m majoring in biology, and I’m involved in music and theatre on campus. I’m the president of the music club at Sterling College, and the dramaturge (researcher) for Big Fish, the show being produced for Homecoming this year. I plan to use my biology major as a stepping stone toward medical school. My ultimate goal is to be a neurosurgeon. I’ve had the desire to go into medicine since I was a small child and knew since 7th grade that I wanted to do surgery, but it wasn’t until after my car accident that I really knew I wanted to do neurosurgery.

When I have “free time” in college, some of my hobbies include drawing, reading and writing poetry. I love to read Shakespearean plays and anything by Edgar Allen Poe. I also like almost anything about Greek mythology. Also, I really like watching classic musicals like Oklahoma!, My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music.

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