Volunteer Voices

Volunteer Voices

During the month of April, we celebrate all of the volunteers who help make Sterling Presbyterian Manor a wonderful place to call home. One volunteer group we hosted recently submitted this article in summation of their experience here, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to all of our volunteers!

"FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is an extracurricular activity that challenges students to try new things. Brett Riffel, Debi Schmidt, and I sat down and brainstormed community service projects that we wanted to do.

"We finally decided on donating tie blankets to Presbyterian Manor because all of us have already participated in Bingo. We decided on the size of the blanket because it would be something the residents can have on their lap and it wouldn't get stuck in their wheelchairs or in their recliners.

"All 22 members had to donate either $12 or material to make a blanket. My grandma donated enough fabric to make four blankets, my mom donated enough fabric to make fifteen blankets, my dad donated enough fabric to make four blankets, Susan Patterson donated enough fabric to make five blankets, and Angie Kroeker and her mom donated enough fabric for two blankets. There was also a group of people that donated money so we could go and buy fabric.

"When we posted about this on Facebook, someone from McPherson told us about Walmart having a huge sale on fleece fabric, so Brett and I were able to get ten blankets worth of fabric for $40.

"All in all, this project has allowed the community and the high school to wrap the residents in our love."

"Thank you for letting us do that!"

- Morgan Simpson, Brett Riffel, and Debi Schmidt

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