The joyful sounds of Sterling Presbyterian Manor

The joyful sounds of Sterling Presbyterian Manor

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord! Psalm 95:1

Bingo, ice cream, dominoes, naps and music: those are the things we live for here at Sterling Presbyterian Manor! For months, if not years, we have tried to find a regular piano player to keep our neglected baby grand piano company, and we have finally found her! Doris McPherson has been coming to lift our spirits and fill our souls with singing to the Lord! On Mondays at 2 p.m., we have been having sing-a-longs with Doris in the dining room, and it has been a big hit.

Each week we are getting bigger in audience and better in tune! Doris is adamant that someone else lead the songs while she plays the music. This made for quite a joyful “noise” when Activity Director Donna Grizzle had to lead the sing-a-long. As our residents know from attending chapel, Donna is more than willing to try, but she cannot carry a tune.

Doris said, “Thanks to Donna for trying her hardest! And she even hit the right note a couple of times!” We have been blessed with guests (who can actually sing) that Doris finds to help lead the songs for her.

In May, the Rice County Community Choir blessed us with their latest set and the Gloryland Quartet is set to perform at 6 p.m. on July 26.

Another duo that blessed us with music this year was Mike and Glenda Mann. You may recall that the Manns came to Presbyterian Manor in April for their “Mysteries and Wonders Show,” where they amazed us with their ventriloquism and magic. After their show, they stayed around to give us a preview of their other talents and the residents were so impressed with their mini-concert that they begged them to come back and share with us even more.

This gospel concert took place on May 24. Needless to say, the residents at Sterling Presbyterian Manor are looking for any reason to sing praise to the Lord and invite any musician or group to come on over and let us sing joy to the Lord together!

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