Lifelong Learning

Exploration and discovery are a vital part of living well and play a key role in healthy aging; that’s why Lawrence Presbyterian Manor encourages lifelong learning. Studies show that people who stay intellectually stimulated throughout life are typically happier and healthier. Residents of Lawrence Presbyterian Manor routinely participate in a wide variety of activities – both on and off campus – that keep them actively engaged in the community and the world.

Just Ask

Our Just Ask Lifelong Learning series offers topics of interest to the broader community as well as our residents. Just Ask topics have included wills, balance and falls, winter/summer safety, recognizing the warning signs Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and recognizing the signs of heart attack and stroke.

Interactive tele-video (ITV) technology provided through the University of Kansas Medical Center enables our residents to receive clinical services from a variety of providers. In addition to clinical services, health education information on a wide range of topics can be delivered through ITV. ITV is not meant to replace in-person visits, but rather to supplement them when possible. Clinical services and health education programs via ITV are continually expanding.

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