Hip hip hooray for CNAs!

Hip hip hooray for CNAs!

 Sarah Androes and Heather Labertew are standing, left to right, and Kylee Cornelius is seated. All are CNAs at Sterling Presbyterian Manor.[/caption]

They're the often-unsung heroes who do so much: certified nursing assistants (CNAs)! During the month of June, we give them a special spotlight during the week of June 10-17, with June 10 being National Career Nursing Assistants’ Day. We asked a few of our residents to tell us why they appreciate these important staff members:

“I think it is so admirable that our aides come to work with little kids at home. They are taking care of us, themselves, the kids, husbands, the housework and are just amazing!" said Delma Small.

“I am so fascinated by them and excited for them! They have things happening! Some have families and are going back to school now. I love hearing how dedicated they are at aspiring to this higher education in nursing of RN’s and LPN’s. They are getting such a good education just working here. It is developing in them a great base and good foundation so that they can be well-rounded in their future careers. I can see myself in some of them, and that is just heartwarming," added Mariella Sawin.

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