Pastor Ken Connor's Corner: Harvest Moon

Pastor Ken Connor's Corner: Harvest Moon

He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed?”

What are you doing with the light you are to be bringing to the darkness around you?

Jesus said that he is the light of the world and as his followers, we are to be reflecting his light, so maybe a better question would be, what kind of a moon are you? Too many times we let who we are with, where we are or what we are doing effect how much of his light we choose to reflect. 

Sometimes we let the sin in our life dim our reflected light just as the clouds can hide the light of the moon. If we are honest with ourselves we tend to go through phases just like the moon. Sometimes we are like a new moon and reflect nothing. At other times we might be a sliver, a quarter, a half or a three-quarter moon. 

What we need to understand is that Christ gave his life so that we can be full moons. Not just for brief periods, but like the harvest moon that shines so bright, it is almost like day. I pray that all of us would do better at being full moons! 


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