Frequently Asked Questions

Making decisions about how — and where — you want to live often raises some important questions. That’s why we encourage you to “Just Ask.” You’ll find our staff at Sterling Presbyterian Manor eager to provide the information you need to make informed choices.

Here are three questions we’re often asked:

  • What services do you offer at Sterling Presbyterian Manor? Our services vary depending on the resident’s living level. Because our continuum of care encompasses independent living, short-term rehabilitation, and health care, our services can range from housekeeping, meal preparation, linen service, shopping and other basic assistance to 24-hour licensed nursing. Our Transitional Living program offers assistance to individuals who can no longer live independently but who do not yet require full-time skilled nursing care.
    For a detailed list of services and rates along with a helpful Guide to help you compare the real cost difference between your living expenses and moving to Sterling Presbyterian Manor, contact Cindy Moore, our director of marketing, at 620-206-4091 or contact us.
  • What is this PATH everyone is talking about? PATH® stands for “Post-Acute to Home” program which is designed to serve as a bridge between a hospital stay and home by helping patients overcome the challenges of recovering from an injury, illness or surgery. You can find out more about it on our “Services” page.
  • Do you have any openings? Although we frequently do have openings for new residents, we really can’t answer this question until we know what you’re looking for. With multiple levels of care and a wide range of services and amenities to choose from, Sterling Presbyterian Manor truly offers the opportunity to “live the way you want to live”. Once we have a chance to visit with you in person and determine what that way is, we’ll know whether or not a suitable opening is available.

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